Starting A Painting And Decorating Business In Liverpool

Any new start up in any sector is a scary and daunting prospect.

Having the entrepreneurial spirit right from the start though is what is going to give you a huge advantage.

A potential painter and decorator start up in any town can be a daunting task, but choosing Liverpool the country’s 7th largest city  with at least 75 other painting and decorating firms to compete with right from the start is a challenge that only the toughest entrepreneurial spirt is going to win through.

So i set out to outline several important factors that, a soon to be leading painting and decorating company in Liverpool will need to get right and think about before they start.

Firstly Self-Employment!

A startling fact is 50% of all start ups fail in the first 3 years of business.

This includes painters which means you.

Hard work right from the off and being serious about the venture and giving it your all in every aspect of the job is what it is going to take.

Just being skilled with a brush and having good practical skills is not enough to survive in a city such as Liverpool.

You need to understand its going to take a lot of sacrifices in the beginning both in your personal life and financially, if this is something you have already began to accept then the road ahead is going to be a lot more easier for you and will give you more chance of building a very bright future.

Being A Financially Prepared Painter!

be prepared to decorate

Having funds to fall back on and having your family prepared to miss out on the luxury’s they are used to such as family holidays, top of the range clothes and life’s little luxuries.

These are things that will not be there in the beginning and are part of the life of being a self employed business owner.

Some entrepreneurs have to borrow against there homes to make there dreams start to happen.

Is this something you and your family are prepared to do and understand the huge risks involved if the worst of the worst were to happen.

A Decorator With 100% Commitment?

With the long hours and strenuous work involved in making a new business work, the effects of this are a completely different way of life.

This is something you need to make your loved ones aware of and i would really advise you discuss in great detail to make sure everyone understands and that you will have the love and support you may need at times.

It can be a lonely road when the people you are doing this all for are the ones who become the suffering and make your hell cause daddy or husband is very rarely around any more.

Now Lets Pan For Success.

Now if you can deal with the above mentioned possible heart ache and total commitment to your own painting and decorating business then its time for the fun part.

Fail to plan and your planning to fail.

entrepreneur decorator
sucess plan for it

Its unbelievable how many highly educated individuals go in to new business ventures with out a real thought out business plan.

It hard to put in to words just why it is needed but simply it gives you a road map of where your going and how your going to get there.

It puts you in position to secure funding if needed from bank or investors.

It helps you identify any potential problems or pit falls along the way.

and puts you in the most possible powerful position you can be in with a new start up business.

And what is a business plan?

Well simply put it a worded document that maps out and details your businesses purpose, what it wants to achieve, how its going to achieve this along with financial and market place forecasts.

There are many business support organisations out there such as who will help you with this very important part of your venture.

I hope this brief piece of writing will help you with the very real difficulties i have mentioned above and this applies to all new business start ups be they painters, electricians, plumbers, kitchen fitters, Joiners any kind of new local business start up.

And remember the entrepreneurial spirt can be attested in the words of the late great Winston Churchill

“Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”